PubPol 750

PubPol 750.008: Topics: Using Behavioral Science to Create Change

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Fall 2023
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Remote Course - There has arguably never been a more important moment in our history for leaders and leadership. Climate change, the war in Ukraine, unrest in the East, a pandemic, record inflation, and global supply chain disruptions are all coming together to create a great collision of uncertainty. These circumstances have given rise to some of the most challenging conditions in generations.

Leaders have an unprecedented opening to develop new capabilities in how they interpret and generate meaning and purpose from this collision of uncertainty because, despite our current challenges, our world has been unfrozen from the shackles of routine, habits, and norms. By leveraging this moment to explore, experiment, and learn, leaders and their stakeholders have a unique opportunity to redefine the scope of our priorities and collective actions.

The objective of this course is to explore how social reform, equity, and a recalibration of health-wealth trade-offs can become driving forces in the modern organization and manifest as core responsibilities for the leaders that shape them. In adopting a behavioral systems approach, we consider how decision-makers can enact positive, radical social change.