PubPol 475.001

PubPol 475.001: Topics: Economic Policy Issues in Developing Countries

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Winter 2013
Credit Hours

OVERVIEW: Economic development policy seeks to improve the welfare of a population – usually interpreted as inducing rapid and sustained economic growth (creating wealth) and alleviating poverty (spreading wealth). This course will analyze a few key dimensions of how this might be accomplished, and some of the main challenges for the poorest economies. It will stress issues related to data and measurement of key variables. Much of the course will focus on “growth” – what is current thinking about the types of policies most important to foster growth? Working both individually and in groups, students will study experiences of a specific country, resulting in 2 short papers and at least one presentation. PRE-REQUISITES: Economics 101, Economics 102 (Micro and Macro Principles) and at least one additional social science course.