PubPol 475: Topics: Introduction to Financial Technology and the Future of Financial Services

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Winter 2021
Winter 2021
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Throughout history, financial services has played a vital role in the global economy, and similarly, technology has been an integral part of financial services.  Although the combination of financial services and technology isn?t new, the advent of mobile technologies along with a post-financial crisis world have led to a financial technology, or fintech, revolution.  New products and services have emerged, causing financial services to look very different than it did 10, or even four, years ago. But fintech is still a relatively new industry, and many questions remain about the benefits and the risks of fintech, how it will impact incumbent institutions and systems, what it will mean for consumers, and how governments should view these developments. How are recent technological advances different than past innovations? How is technology changing financial services today and how will it change the industry in the future? What impact does this change have on stakeholders, including consumers? What are the benefits and risks of this change? This course will examine these questions and others.