PubPol 750

PubPol 750.006 Topics: US Foreign Policy in Africa

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Winter 2024
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This course offers a focused analysis of U.S. foreign policy in Africa, unpacking the continent's political, economic, and security complexities and their intersection with American strategic interests. Through critical examination of current case studies, students will gain insight into the operative landscape of U.S.-Africa relations, discerning the primary challenges and emerging prospects. The course encourages active engagement through discussion-based learning, analytical exercises, and simulation of policy-making scenarios. These activities aim to equip students with a profound grasp of the mechanisms behind policy development and execution.

To bolster the practical orientation of the course, select sessions will feature guest speakers such as seasoned diplomats, policy experts, and strategic policymakers from both the U.S. and African spheres. These contributors will offer distinctive insights into the formulation and execution of foreign policy. Their presence aims to ignite informed debate, expand students' comprehension of the subject, and open avenues for professional networking. By the course’s end, participants will have developed a strategic and pragmatic grasp of the variables influencing U.S. foreign policy in Africa.