PUBPOL 480: Global Engagement Seminar: Costa Rica

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Winter 2019
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This advanced seminar challenges public policy majors to consider how policy issues are framed and addressed in a non-US context. (Costa Rica will be the initial focus and location of the study tour but the country may very in subsequent year.) Student will study a small number of contemporary policy problems in light of the country's specific political, economic, historical and cultural context. The winter break study tour will provide students an opportunity to discuss the policy issues with local stakeholders. Upon return, students will work in groups to produce short, formal policy reports that account for country-specific condition.

The country to be studied will be selected by faculty leading the Global Engagement seminar. Approximately 15 Ford School undergraduate students will be selected to practice in the course, on the basis of application forms to be submitted early in the fall semester. Priority is accorded to students with a strong interest in international affairs and/or limited previous experience with travel and study outside the US. There is a modest program fee to help offset experiences of the study tour; need based financial assistance may be available.